For the construction of this trailer we invested in solid and robust materials which ensure its durability and reliability. 

The usage of firm and steady materials and some measures make sure that you earn back your investment very fast. 

What makes the TwinTrailer so profitable?

-   The TwinTrailer was made from strong materials to ensure its durability.

-   The surface of the loading bed consist of an aluminium floor with stainless steel rivets with underneath a waterproof ply-wood attached with glue.
    This assures its longevity since there is no drilling through the ply-wood, so water infiltration, thus putrefaction is avoided.

-   The chassis is made of high strength steel that gives the trailer its strength without making it heavier. (TT 35-35: 4mm & TT 35-40: 5mm)

-   Aluminium is used for the sides of the TwinTrailer because it is a durable which solid product and also limitless recyclable.

-   The chassis is reinforced with a cross and axles with bridges to absorb pressure.

-   The AL-KO axles are the best and most solid torsion axles on the market.