The Twintrailer

The TwinTrailer has many other advantages in addition to its dual function as a transporter and a tipper. This multifunctional trailer gaurantees the safe daily transport of various loads.
TwinTech invests in sturdy and robust material and is extremely demanding in this regard. Only in this way can we guarantee the best quality. The trailer is also very user-friendly thanks to the modular front and sides and excellent standard equipment and interesting options.

Save your back, save time, save money but never save on safety!

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TwinTrailer - rupsbanden
TwinTrailer - Kipper
TwinTrailer - zero turn
TwinTrailer - zitmaaier


8 out of 10 technical problems we hear, such as too little power to tip or the engine running erratically, are related to batteries that are not recharged in time. Charging too often does not exist, but too little is detrimental to the life of the battery, but also to your engine. Save yourself this frustration by charging regularly!

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TwinTrailer through the eyes of our clients

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