The TwinTrailer is extremely safe to use thanks to its well-thought-out design with one large loading ramp. No more risks with heavy, unhandy, small and dangerous loading ramps.

This trailer was developed specifically for its transporter function to make loading and unloading of all sorts of machines efficient and safe. The presence of the double hinged backside makes the use of the doors as mounting ramps possible. 

How is the TwinTrailer so safe? 


For the construction of this trailer we invested in solid and robust materials which ensure its durability and reliability. Your investment is paid back in only a short amount time! 

The usage of firm and steady materials and some measures make sure that you earn back your investment very fast. 

Discover what makes the TwinTrailer so profitable!


In only a few seconds the Twintrailer is ready to load and unload multiple types of machines in a quick and efficient way. Save several minutes a day!

You can easily convert the from tipper to transporter with the electro-hydraulic switch and loading the transporter or the tipping of your cargo is easy and not intensive or time consuming. 

Read here how you economise multiple minutes on a daily base! 


Not only thanks to its efficiency is the TwinTrailer comfortable to use. This trailer was built with the aim to keep the charge on its user's body as low as possible. 

The relieve on your body is in a physically heavy job not a luxury. 

Discover how the TwinTrailer contributes to your comfort!