Trust in Technology: 10 year warranty!

We celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2021! Meanwhile, we have built up a solid reputation and our quality has been proven. That's why from now on we are happy to offer 10-year warranty on our chassis. We are confident: Trust in Technology!

Chassis TwinTrailer
Robotgelast chassis


We believe in the quality of our product. In fact, this has now been proven and the TwinTrailer even has the strongest chassis on the market:

  • The height of the bar is 200mm, which is greater than other brands
  • The thickness of the steel is 5 mm, where other brands use a maximum of 4 mm
  • We use S355 (high strength steel) instead of S235 (ordinary structural steel) on other brands
  • We make this whole even stronger thanks to extra cross-shaped reinforcement of the chassis beams above the axles
  • The chassis is 100% robot-welded so that no weld can be forgotten and every weld always has the same top quality

Moreover, we not only give a 10-year warranty on the chassis, but also on a number of other parts, such as the doors, ...


The warranty is always subject to approval by TwinTech. Images or videos for diagnosis can be sent to our WhatsApp number +32 (0) 491 39 52 78.

These conditions are always valid:

  • The trailer must be registered by your dealer > contact your dealer about this!
  • Warranty only applies to defects resulting from normal use
  • Only valid on original parts fitted by TwinTech or an authorized dealer
  • The trailer has been presented to the dealer for maintenance every year

The full warranty conditions can be found on p. 29-30 of our manual (click here).

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