The unique AluMate extension boards

It is clear that the standard equipment of the TwinTrailer is of high quality and that its use is efficient. In addition, we are convinced that the options as well should not only be of high quality, but also as easy as possible to use. For example, we have developed for the TwinTrailer special aluminum extension boards: the AluMate.

Thanks to these detachable extension boards, you can always adapt the structure of your trailer to your needs at that time and thus increase the volume of your TwinTrailer very easily.

Alumate advantages

AluMate400 & 800 are furthermore provided with a hinge so that they can pivot downwards. The handle on the inside also makes it easy to remove them underhand in that position. AluMate400 is only available in single row. As a result, with this option you cannot bridge the full 1m20 height and the mounting of a canvas or net is not possible. That is why this top board is not provided with the edge for the hooks. Because the AluMate400 is on the one hand compact and light and on the other hand can always be removed underhand thanks to the hinge, no handle was provided on the outside.

Depending on the model, our in-house developed aluminum extension boards are available in different sizes: the AluMate500 is 50 cm high, the AluMate400 is 40 cm high and the AluMate800 is 80 cm high.

Alumate tabel

Additional option for the TT 35 -35, TT 35-40 and TR 35-40: split side boards

Divisible side boards make working with our large models even easier. Shorter boards can be dismantled faster and easier, but also make it possible, for example, to separate loose material and machines without having to free the entire side.

For customers who often work alone with the trailer, the extension boards can be heavy and difficult to handle. For this we developed a central pole whereby the boards are divided horizontally in 2 and are therefore faster and easier to remove. Moreover, this center pole can also be easily disassembled to have full access to the TwinTrailer's loading bed. The support of the pole is mounted below the level of the cargo bed in order not to compromise on ease of use.

Thanks to this option, you can work even faster and more efficiently!

This option is available in the standard version or in combination with single or double row AluMate500 extension boards.

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