In detail


Discover the advantages of the TwinTrailer in these simulation- and instruction videos! 

With the TwinTrailer you have the opportunity to load multiple sorts of machines, like zero-turn mowers or small cranes on caterpillar tracks. 
The tippable load bed makes sure that you can mount the transporter with only a small angle. Furthermore there is no crack between the ramp and the load bed, so machines low to the surface can't be damaged and u can safely mount the transporter. 
The support legs touch the surface automatically when the ramp is mounted. This ensures you can never forget to place or remove them. 

The TwinTrailer is an efficient trailer voor several sorts of charges. You can load your trailer from the back and from the side! 
Thanks to the removable aluminium sides and tilting lower board you have a direct acces to the load bed which comes in handy if you want to load your trailer by using a forklift. 
Tipping of your charge goes fast and efficiently thanks to the easy control and the fast and powerfull cilinder which provides a large tipping angle (51°).