The TwinTrailer in detail

Discover the TwinTrailer in de 360° viewer above!

You must be able to count on your trailer at all times. That is why we invest in quality and reliability: we are extremely demanding in our choice of sturdy and robust material. Only in this way can your TwinTrailer prove to you every day how solid he is.

Furthermore, we are constantly working on the further development of new models and options. In a 3D drawing environment every part is carefully examined and studied. In this way we also ensure that we remain unique in the market. Feedback and suggestions from our users are always welcome!

The TwinTrailer is not only very reliable, but also very user-friendly. Thanks to the wide possibilities, this trailer is extremely suitable for multifunctional use:

  • The double hinged rear doors not only open to the sides, where they can be fixed, but can also be lowered to serve as ramps.
  • The operation is always electric and you switch between the tipper or transporter function with 1 simple movement.
  • The bottom boards are equipped with hinges so that they can be opened completely and the cargo bed is also accessible flat.
  • As standard, the front of the TwinTrailer is always equipped with a folding aluminum bottom board and 2 reinforced cross tubes for fixing / supporting materials.
  • The front and sides are modular so that you can build your TwinTrailer according to the volume you need. The aluminum top boards are unique and easy to remove.

In short, loading is easy and time efficient from both the back and the sides. This trailer is fast, comfortable to use, safe and a profitable and sustainable investment!

With the TwinTrailer you always have a trailer that meets all your wishes and needs.

If you would like to read the brochure or consult the manual, you can find them on this page.