Who are we?

Our mission

After years of experience in the development of machines we want to use our technical expertise to exceed in our business and bring innovative trailers to the market. Quality and efficiency are the core values of our company that drive us to belong to the highest class in our market. We are always looking for the best way and the best materials to optimize our products. With the help of our clients, their feedback and their ideas in the development process of the TwinTrailer we want to build a trailer that meets to all the demands of our current and potential customers. We have the aim to develop and build a trailer that is a fair and honest product with consideration of the economical, ecological an personal aspects.

Our Vision

By maintaining a close collaboration with capable dealers we are able to detect the needs of our current and potential clients. With this information we make sure that the customer experiences our advantages based on his needs. This way we aim for a high satisfaction from our clients. Efficiency, quality and safety are our core values. Therefore every piece of the TwinTrailer is studied extensively to guarantee its virtue.

We want to build products and parts that were always made the same way, better. To do this we use known technology to assure the reliability but approach this with an innovative view. We invest a lot of energy in developing systems to build a trailer which is as practical as it can be. This to guarantee and optimize safety and the user’s comfort.

Our Strategy

The TwinTrailer is a unique trailer with double function that was built with passion for innovation while considering efficiency and solidity. All our designs are made in 3D and simulations are used to measure the strength of the constructions and optimize this while keeping an eye on the total weight. We use materials of high quality that are tested and evaluated in multiple prototypes. All our parts are intensively examined and studied to provide a robust and user-friendly product. To choose our materials we also consider the ecological footprint of their production and transport and look closely into how we can limit this as much as possible.

Are you a gardener or active in construction and searching for a strong and reliable trailer from a high quality? Then the TwinTrailer is completely the multifunctional trailer you are looking for! Visit our models page to see all the possibilities and options and configure your own TwinTrailer.

Save your back, save money, save time but never save on your safety!