The TwinTrailer is extremely safe to use thanks to its well-thought-out design with one large loading ramp. No more risks with heavy, unhandy, small and dangerous loading ramps.

What makes the TwinTrailer so safe? 
This trailer was developed specifically for its transporter function to make loading and unloading of all sorts of machines efficient and safe. The presence of the double hinged backside makes the use of the doors as mounting ramps possible. 


-   The preparing of the ramps goes fast and easy thanks to the support of the gassprings.

-   You don’t have to make estimations on where to mount the transporter compared to when using two small ramps. No more risk of falling of the ramps while mounting them.

-   The small tipping angle of the transporter ensures a small angle to mount which also assures its users safety.

-   Thanks to this small angle low machinery can be loaded without being damaged.

-   The large ramp is ideal for zero turn machines.

-   The mounting part is made of grids which clean the tires/caterpillar tracks to avoid slippery slopes.

-   The support legs touch the surface automatically while putting weight on the ramp.

-   The lowered chassis and loadbed (63cm) ensure a lower centre of gravity which in turn contributes to a safer road handling.