NIEUW: TwinTrailer TridaX


TwinTrailer has a new product to present: The TridaX


Our new model combines all the benefits of the TwinTrailer TT35-40 of 4 meters with a chassis with three axles.


What is the advantage of the 3 axles?

As a user of the TwinTrailer you have to be able to rely on its stability when driving around when itsd charged. In case of heavy machines with an unbalanced weight distribution, it is hard to place the weight centrally above the two axles.

With the TridaX you have extra supported place for the weight distribution thanks to the three axles, which ensures the improvement of your TwinTrailer its stability.

In addition the chassis is equipped with an enforcement in the form of the letter X to absorb the torsion of the axles. Once again a solid and robust TwinTrailer.


Nevertheless you have to keep in mind that an extra axle, adds extra mass to the total weight of the TwinTrailer. This means you lose some on the total load (2140 in stead of 2300).

Discover the TridaX on our website or at a dealer in your surroundings.